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A computer term which is the mainboard of a computer system. The cpu, ram, hdd, video card, etc connect to it
what type of motherboard do u have?
I have a KT333 motherboard
by <(( ^_^ ))> August 01, 2003
A short computer term for Hard Disk Drive.
how much gigabyte u have left on ur hdd?
by <(( ^_^ ))> August 01, 2003
Gigabyte - a computer term for storage which is about 1,000,000,000 bytes or actually 1,073,741,824 bytes.
I have 20 gb left
by <(( ^_^ ))> August 01, 2003
a computer term meaning gigabyte.
How much gig do you have left?
by <(( ^_^ ))> August 01, 2003
The same meaning as bye but just added a 'z' to make it seem better!
by <(( ^_^ ))> August 01, 2003
VCD stands for Video CD which is Video Compact Disk. It contains movies.
what movie is on that vcd?
by <(( ^_^ ))> August 01, 2003
CPU is a standard term for Central Processing Unit, which is also called the Processor of the computer.
how much ghz is ur cpu?
by <(( ^_^ ))> August 01, 2003

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