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n: a lie, fib,

v: to not tell the truth present tense: tressel, tressels, tresseling; past tense: tresseled, had tresseled, Future Tense: will tressel
If I had tresseled, I wouldn't be stuck here doing garbage duty for the week.

Maury: We asked if you have had intimate relations with another woman while at work. You said no, and the detector determined that was a Tressel

If you wanted to protect your players, tell compliance to keep it on the down low and not blow it out of proportion. That way, you wouldn't have had to Tressel about it.
by ;ojgoag April 26, 2011
The act of trying to showboat a talent one is known for, whether it is vocally, physically, or mentally, and screwing up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Can be easily treated by keeping it simple and doing it right.
Christina Aguilera, we get it, you can sing, but please don't screw up the National Anthem...she did. This was the most recent documented live cases of Aguilera Syndrome.
by ;ojgoag April 26, 2011
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