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rampant sex
"oi, julie give us a shag!" "no! you had 1 last night, go ask tracie"
by ;-) August 17, 2003
A Fun, sexy chick who knows how to have fun and never stops smilin. With her around there's never a dull moment! very similar to a Jayna but a Darshna is sassier, sweeter, and much more beautiful. The ultimate compliment!
You are such a Darshna
by ;-) January 12, 2005
A type of open sandal, often made of rubber, with a V-shaped strap which goes between the big toe and the toe next to it (also "thong" or "flip-flops" in American and Australian English)
You must find my xanclets
by ;-) November 29, 2004
The most famous person in New York City.
*Girl in Times Square shrieks and points* "Look! It's Mandee Kulaga!"
by ;-) April 10, 2005

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