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It's a prison thing. Lower inmates are forced to lick the assholes of the leading inmates, but they put salad dressing on it to hide the taste. Hence, tossing the salad.
Bend over and toss my salad, bitch.
by ;) April 20, 2003
one who is a master in the art of "jocking"; a person who is a natural at constantly flirting with a multitude of people; Candyce
As the two boys walked past, it was not difficult for Candyce, a Jockstar from birth, to grab their attention and start up an entertaining coversation.
by ;) November 28, 2004
god's (irish) gift to women.
cdawg is all irish charm.
by ;) November 02, 2004
The act of being desireable; Kelsey Stanley.
Shit she's sexified look at that ass!
by ;) April 05, 2003
A party where all the ppl are showing their nipples
"guess what???, last friday i went to the best nipple party ever!"
by ;) November 30, 2004
A Progamer at Starcraft/Broodwar/warcraft 3
Known for his gosu micro and ability to win with much less units
good game no re
by ;) June 07, 2003
When a chick is taking it in the vag and the ass and giving head while giveing 2 handies. looks liek she is flapping with the handies
dude1: wanna have a flying albertross with jen
dude2: yeah but were 3 short
dude1:bags backdoor
by ;) August 02, 2004

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