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Effeminate way of being Gay. One can be camp without being gay. Floppy wrists. Think Elton John and Jack from Will & Grace.
'He's camper than a row of tents'
'Cher is a camp icon'
by :P September 22, 2003
People who are e-cool generally have no social life, or are completely insecure about the one they have.
They seek constant acceptance amongst their online brethren by proudly displaying every achievement of their meaningful lives for others to see. Favorite topics amongst those who adhere to the e-cool ethos include doing drugs, drinking loads and still being fine (or being hardcore, see "Ripper") or whenever they've pulled a girl. Either way, denizens of the internet mock their pathetic attempts at social interaction and proceed to flame them. The veracity of such claims is generally unfounded, which makes it even funnier when it all falls apart and turns out to be a lie.
Jordan Eppy / Intensity
Daz :p
by :p January 01, 2004
when a squrrel crosses the road and doent get hit by a car, it goes- wwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
by :p September 17, 2003
1. used as an ajective to describe something that is out of the ordinary

2. something that's bangin'
1. Damn, look at that ass, Tyra is OFF THA HOOK.

2. Yo, that party on 3rd and Main is OFF THA HOOK.
by :P September 06, 2003
a girl from venus who is very nutty and is loved by all mwahahaha
<faithy> charming hehehehe
by :P September 28, 2003
A stupid peice of fag who has no right to live... He goes on AIM
God TassadarsClone is a peice of sh**!
by :P March 18, 2003
the term given to a man's early arrival at ejaculation during arrousal
"he frinks it after 2 mins"
by :P October 27, 2003

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