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SoaH is an acronym for "Shadow of a Hedgehog", a "Sonic-Centered" ; message board. Now the Sonic areas are primarily used to bitch about how "Old Games = Better" and are now a skeptic's heaven. The gaming forums is a typical "HOW I DEFEND HALO?" versus "RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDG E RACER" versus "RE-VE-LOUTION" fight, but everyone comes to the conclusion that the winner of the generation is indeed the PS2.

Nobody uses the art forums.

The spam forum is such a set of injokes that if you aren't a memeber of the "Clique" as it's been grown to be called, You're lost for a while until someone finally updates Wikipedia.

As for the members of these forums, they can be classified into 3 simple groups and 0101010101010101010101010 1010101 complex groups.

The Aforementioned "Clique"

As for every time some "popular group" "goes too far" there is a supposed "resistance" against the supposed "clique"

People who think that anyone believes in the other two are insane.

But there are no sane people.

The Staff is believed to be one of four things:

1. "The Clique"
2. "Lazy retards"
3. 1 and 2
4. Trapfappers

Otherwise the place is fresher than Bel Air and more kickass then Chuck Norris.

PIME TARADOX X 2! We return safely!
"Hey I'm new here at SoaH"

"You have 5 minutes to run or you're trapped here forever and you'll like it and hate it at the same time."
by :V October 03, 2007
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