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7 definitions by :O)

the type of beer Homer Simpson drinks
pass me another Duff Mo
by :o) April 25, 2003
638 234
Has been referred to as Jolly St Nick, La pere Noel
Favorite outfit: Big red suit
by :O) March 28, 2004
4 0
Bert is the wonderful singer of The Used. He gives the band most of the edge. I too would have the urge to hump his leg...
maybe i will...
by :o) August 05, 2003
9 6
a rough cider with chokeable sized lumps in
that scrumpy looked the same coming up as going down
by :o) April 25, 2003
31 29
someone that drives a once white transit van
get in the pikey van and i'll give you a lift
by :o) April 25, 2003
8 7
The collective noun for "ponces".
There's a veritable Cambridge University of pompous gits over there.
by :O) May 08, 2003
139 146
a person that is mixed with arabian and brazilian. they are commonly referred to as a heart haxor.
1. you are a fucking nutcase!
by :o) November 09, 2004
13 64