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10 definitions by :-)

about 98% of these mofos that post crap on here. Black, white, asian, etc., all of the people that have nothing better to do than be racist.
we can all get along.. if it werent for these racist hoes that have no life
by :-) September 21, 2003
Animals that live in the Australian bush. They drop down on the head of their prey from above. The gov't on Aussie doesn't admit that these creatures exist because that would mean a drop off in their torist business. There are no reported pictures of them
be careful when walking along in the bush mates!
by :-) March 21, 2005
Poot is a word that has a diffrent meaning in every area of the country, and world. To me, poot is somthing you say when you are just happy...
1. HAHA! Tim just asked me out! I'm gonna go write POOT on my tummy! :-D POOOOOOOT!
by :-) April 01, 2005
The sister of Dana Point !
by :-) August 30, 2003
part of hollywood that is cleaned every year and trashed the next day; also home to all the rabiz gyots of america
little armenia... hahaha
by :-) January 29, 2005
"The biggest TURD bugglar known to mankind"
by :-) August 06, 2003
"Buttons to the neck boys"
by :-) August 06, 2003