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funkle is a drinking game played with 5 dice and many fun people. The object is to reach 10,000 points by rolling dice. One person keeps score, and you cannot get on the board until you gain 700 points in one turn. Each player takes a turn rolling the dice trying to get either 1's, 5's, three of a kind, or 5 in a row. Each 1 and 5 are equal to designated amounts which are 100 and 50 accordingly. All other numbers are worthless. The three of a kind are equal to the number times 100, except for three ones, which are equal to 1000. The 5 in a row are also equal to 1000. After your first roll, you must have atleast one dice left that is not adding any value to your score in order to keep rolling. Once all your dice are used and you do not have a value over 700, you funkle. take a drink. The next person rolls. Sloppy dice, which are dice that fall off the table also constitutes as a drinking funkle. Take a drink. The game moves round in a circle until one person reaches 10,000.

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I rolled a 1, 5, 2, 2, and 3. I keep the one and five to the side and roll the other three. On the second roll i get a one and one. I have a total of 350 points. I roll one more time and i get a one again. I get 450 points, but i have no eligible dice left. I funkle and do not get any points on the board. The next player goes, and so on.

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