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an amazingly talented band of 19-20 year olds, there is 4 members of the band. even though the band has only been formed for around 2 and a half years, one band member has left, and they gained another, and they have become as popular as fall out boy. Panic! At The Disco are loved by many 12-18+ year olds but others disagree, calling them 'scene' which they are OBV not, there is no such thing as a scene band, as scene means 'in fashion', it makes no sense because they just wanted to play music, if they wanted to be scene they would be walking down catwalks, not spreading their musical talents, SO THEY ARE NOT SCENE.

People may say they are only so popular with teens because they are good looking, no - or else fans wouldnt have bought the album they would have just bought a poster with them on to look at.
the album is to LISTEN to.

though some sceners will listen to them to look cool, as Panic! are individual and they want to look individual.

panic themselves and in their music are NOT scene, they are legends already, and they havnt even been out that long!
true fan: heres the panic! at the disco album you asked to borrow.

scener: oh, i only wanted to picture of ryan ross inside it.
by :) rosie April 01, 2007

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