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Northern Valley is a large group of towns in North Eastern New Jersey, one of the most wealthy areas in the United States. Northern Valley mostly consists of mid-upper class residents and has two schools, Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan and Norther Valley Regional High School at Demarest. Out of the two, the Demarest school has a better educational system, looking at the test scores, which are much higher in the Demarest location.

Northern Valley has many towns, the major and most known towns are Old Tappan, Demarest, Norwood, Norhtvale, Closter, Harrington Park, and others, but that's just to name a few major ones.

Both schools have, just like almost every public high school in the United States, some kids that drink underage, smoke, and/or do drugs. Northern Valley Demarest has the same amount of problem students as Northern Valley Old Tappan, but a better educational system, no matter what the other post says. (You can look it up. It's a fact.) There might even be less problem students in Demarest, but there is no way of telling that.

This is an unbiased post, as I am not in either of the Northern Valley high schools, but if I was going to be in one, I would definitely choose Demarest. However, there is no choice for the students, as you are assigned to a school based on how close you are to either school.
Friend1: Even my parents who went to Northern Valley OT (NVOT) say that the education was bad and that they were surrounded by problem students.
Friend2: I'm glad I'm going to NVD.

Friend1: NVD and NVOT have been rival schools for a very long time!
Friend2: Yeah, as long as my grandparents can remember!
by :) New Yorker August 25, 2009

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