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/b/ is not of substance, nor time, it is intangible and inperceivable; a paradox of existence. It is where the world's most powerful yet disturbed minds go to roam and contaminate. It is thought to be perceived as horrible even by its regulars, for it is. But to the dark minds that roam /b/, horrible is a mild value. /b/ is darker than Hell's deepest circle after the last ember has been extinguished. /b/ is where minds, dreams, hopes, sanity, innocence and morals die and inexplicable addiction festers.

/b/ is where Earth's darkest minds go to mingle amongst their own kind in a disorganized mess of offensive, random dialogue. /b/'s regulars have seen more gore, genitalia, insanity, racism and pure unfathomable random offensiveness than Zeus, the Greek god of lightning (and fornicating with mortals). In /b/, gore, genitalia, insanity, racism and pure unfathomable random offensiveness are tangible daggers that are incessantly flying around in a flurry of the darkest inner thoughts of world’s darkest minds giving the foundation of a ubiquitous gloom amongst the lost, innocent minds that wander ignorantly unto the realm. /b/ renders the most innocent minds cripplingly depressed and disturbed.
/b/ is the man urinating in the corner of a subway car.

/b/ is Jeffery Dahlmer.

/b/ is rape and murder.

/b/ is the way its minds see the world.

/b/ is only beginning.

Warning!!!: gut-wrenchingly horrifying, but this IS /b/. (NotSafeForAnywhere)>>>
4chan /b/
Man one: "Dude have you heard of /b/?"
Man two: "No, what is it?"
Man one: "Before I tell you, do you have people in your life who care about you?"
Man two: "Uh... yeah."
Man one: "Then never mind."
by /b/roken January 08, 2013

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