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The term "pterodactyl" is used to describe a unsightly, deformed girl /guy casting a ominous presents clocked in makeup or eclipsed in darkness.

Pterodactyls typically have sexual activity on their hidden agenda. These sexual predators scheme ways to their objective "your body" using deception and deceit.
The villainous crusade is checkered in obstacles, despite all that, pterodactyls remain undaunted and determined creatures, "borderline rapist" avid for human touch.

This term was invented and started among the clever people of Minnesota to help friends improve communication and awareness in this unfortunate encounter.
The most common strategy employed by pterodactyls for attaining their aspiration, typically would be promotion of heavy drinking. This makes less of a struggle when they swoop in on you during a vulnerable state, absconding to a secluded location with you in custody.
by /b/b/ May 27, 2009

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