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Someone who blames airliners for delays due to natural disasters.
That ashhole freaked out at the clerk at the airport because his plane has been delayed by the volcano eruption.
by /<razy /<anuck April 19, 2010
Refers to the undesirableness of any specific activities. The origin comes from the uncomfortable act of performing fellatio to someone with an oversized scrotum.
Erin did not want to clean the inside of a dirty oil tank because she says it sucks mass balls.
by /<razy /<anuck January 23, 2009
The act of socially embarrassing someone. Originally popularized by taking a unpopular person, getting them drunk and painting their balls black.

That jerk, Jimmy was at the party last night where they got him drunk and black balled him.
by /<razy /<anuck January 08, 2009
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