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A filthy skank who is DTF at any given time. A womp rat will have no less than 3 sexually transmitted diseases. Her unfortunate facial features and meatball-shaped body can be compensated for by her sure willingness to put out to anyone at any time. The repulsive image of a womp rat can be overlooked by at least two shots of Jameson, Jager, or Rumple Minze.

It does not matter if you never call her again, or if you call her next week to bang after 7 long nights of hooking up with different womp rats right in front of her. She is a shameless yet reliable slam piece -- but it may be in your best interest and safety to never let her obtain your phone number or place of residence. Womp rats often become blatant stalkers, hanging around wherever you are in hopes of cock-blocking you from other RUBS, and to keep you all for themselves (real stabby, real quick).

The population of womp rats in Oneonta, NY outnumbers the male population 2:1. Clutch places to find a pool of womp rats are at house parties, parking garages, your roommate's bedroom, Planned Parenthood, and most commonly, lingering around closing time at whatever bar you happen to be at.

Synonymously, womp rats may also be referred to as RUBS (random ugly bitches), yet RUBS may not put out as easily (the only guarantee a RUB holds is to be random, ugly, and a bitch).
Bro 1: "I totally gave it to that chick last Wednesday in the parking garage"

Bro 2: "Gross dude, that RUB is a total womp rat...definitely GYT"

Bro 1: "All clear man...I heard she has AIDS but I'm definitely clean. Anyway, maybe I'll take her home tonight if I can't find anything better"
by &ie April 26, 2011

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