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1 definition by $pac£r?????d

Fuckin Noob who just goes around Noob Tubing Non-Noobs. then when they finally get a multi-kill with their Noob-Tube, they think they are the best playa in the game, when really there just a Noob-Tubing Noob Goober
Fred:I just got a multi-kill!

John:wow! how?!

Fred:with a grenade launcher!

John: I vow never to talk to you again in my life. i have completely changed my whole opinion of you and will never look at you the same way, if i even look at you again. I hope that when your old and grey, you will look back on your life and realise that it was just one big EPIC FAIL!. You fuckin Gurmp.
by $pac£r?????d May 11, 2010