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1. excessively appropriate.

2. conveying a lack of originality or wit; distastefully obvious.

(Occasionally confused with the concept of situational irony, which is, ironically, its antonym.)
Reading Kerouac's "On The Road" while on a cross-country road trip is an appropriantic literary choice.

"You bought Jim and Karen a blender as wedding gift? Practical, yes, but highly appropriantic!"
by $exy Lexy April 18, 2010
A thin mustache resembling that worn by a member of the French Royal Bodyguard during the 17th Century, or any other swashbuckling figure.

Often but not necessarily accompanied by luxurious locks.
"During our long acquaintance I've never found myself attracted to you, but your new devil-may-care musketache may compel me to reappraise my sentiments."

"Dude, did you miss a spot shaving or are you growing a musketache?"

See: Alexandre Dumas, Douglas Fairbanks
by $exy Lexy March 19, 2010
-noun, from the English perplex and lexicon
1. Collectively, all words with which one is familiar but is unable to define.

2. Words that one would commonly be expected to know based on his or her education or socio-economic class but does not.
3. Particular words, generally of an erudite nature, which one finds perpetually befuddling despite previous attempts to ascertain their meaning.
"No matter how many times I look up fecundity in the dictionary, it always seems to slip back into my perplexicon by the time I next encounter it."

"Four years of college and I all I have to show for it is a massively inflated perplexicon!"
by $exy Lexy March 20, 2010

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