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A member of high school Drill Team. A good Driller is sharp and precise in thier routines, maintains at a minimum 3.0 GPA, and is kind to everyone around them. Drillers also normally have good reputations, and don't party, smoke, or drink, because they want to maintain thier reps. Drillers are loved by everyone, and they normally get more attention at football games and assemblies than the Cheerleaders ever will. Drillers don't make enemies. They make friends. They are also very close to one another, and consider Drill Team thier second family.
Cheerleader: Hiiii football player. Can I get in your pants?

Driller: Hiii football player. I don't want to get in your pants. I just want to be your friend!
by #2929292929 September 02, 2009

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