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A bunch of ass holes who cant do there job, they go too overboard with everything and never give you a break. They have also been notorious for breaking uo partys, but if theyre Northern Virginia parties, they tend to party WITH them.
"dude, i just got pulled over todya by a va. cop"
"oh man, what happened?"
"i got a FAT ticket, then invited him to my party later tonite."
by #1FAN March 24, 2005
Shorty who makes the world a better place with her smile. Has time for everyone and cares for everyone.
T: I need to go study after fajr.

Af: I'll come with you!

T: You're such an afnan.
by #1Fan February 25, 2013
definitely pimp status! ghetto fabulous (or not), super stealthy ninja, good at trumpet, really good at lacrosse/sports in general,
Girl1: "Wow that guy is such a Derrick Cheng!"
Girl2: "Yeah, he's a hottie"
Guy: "I wish I were him..."
by #1fan November 23, 2004

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