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1. The combined word of precisely + exactly.
2. One of Super Karoru's catchphrases.
3. The new hip word everyone's saying.
3 + 3 does equal 6? Prexactly!

You're prexactly correct about you being an idiot.
by #1 Fan April 11, 2004
Fighting for justice, crusader of all that's random, eliminator of idiocy, it's Super Karoru! Donning cape and mask, she goes about the city doing her duties. Her true identity remains a mystery, but it's certainly not that person from WtW also named Karoru. Nope, not at all.
I wish Super Karoru was here, she'd save us all!

That's one spiffy Super Karoru you've got there.

You're almost as super as Super Karoru! But not quite.
by #1 Fan April 11, 2004
The best band in the world playing a range of classic rock, to contemporary rock, with their own great music too. They hail from the small town of Nokesville. Consist of 5 fabulously sexy young men, guitar (3) vocals, bass, keyboard, and drums.
Reborn, Hypocrite, two of the msot incredible songs ever created
by #1 fan February 07, 2005
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