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The team that thinks that their so good for winning 1 world series. In 86 years the Yankees, the best team ever won 26, as boston has 1. You still suck.

GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RED SOX SUCK!!!!!!!!


GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
World Championships in the last 86 Years:

Red Sox: 1

Yankees: 26
by #1 Yankees fan May 19, 2005
The best team in the history of professional sports. They have won 26 World Championships, more than anyone else in any sport. To all you Red Sox fans you won 1 in 86 years and we have won 26 in that time. You still suck. We still have 20 more than you. Even if you won every year which you could never do it would take you 20 years to catch us. Even if you ever did get 26 we would probably have 126 by then. RED SOX SUCK!!! GO YANKEES!!!!!!
Red Sox Fan: We won one! You suck!

Yankees Fan: We won 26 of them in the time it took you to get one so if we suck then where are you? Nowhere!

Red Sox Fan: OK, you are the best team ever!

Yankees Fan: Now you just suck dick.
by #1 Yankees fan May 19, 2005
The worst NY team. If you want to see a real team and a real ballpark go to Yankee Stadium. If you want to see a complete disgrace to New York and an empty piece of shit ballpark go to shea.
by #1 Yankees fan May 19, 2005

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