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When air is forced out of one's anal cavity while practicing yoga.
I'm afraid to go into downward dog as I may experience yoga flatulence.
by #1 Cronin May 10, 2011
A person who can surf the web for any subject better than anyone else.
I can't seem to find my horoscope online, I had better find a websurfergenius.
by #1 Cronin May 22, 2011
A succinct way of saying "see you later."
Slater mom, I'm going over my friends house.
by #1 Cronin May 11, 2011
When someone smiles at you after drinking red wine and you can see the color of the wine sticking to the plaque in their teeth.
The merlot certainly made my jokes funnier but the red wine smiles were quite gross.
by #1 Cronin May 22, 2011

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