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Actually a type of Ecstasy pill called A.D.A.M's because it’s so similar to MDMA.
"Man i like neaked 5 of them speckly A.D.A.M pill and i cant see a fucking thing its all lights and blurs!"
by "adam the hippie" January 21, 2005
Slang for goth.
Started on Christs Piece (Cambridge UK)
"cheer up goth, oh i mean gaff"
by "adam the hippie" January 17, 2005
Basically, a goth who wears bright uv details as well as the usual black. However would never be caught dead wearing a band hoodie.

Usually either very tall or short, so will wear massive boots to make them selfs look either REALLY tall or just a bit smaller than everyone else.

Is also usually more arrogant than normal goths, ie will only talk to you if you like anything really dark or horrible, or like put fuck loads of drugs down your throught every weekend.

note: can also be pronounced cyber-gaff just for a laff.

even more basically, a goth who goes to raves
"oi hugo, get that puppie out of the oven, you fucking crazy cyber-goth!"
by "adam the hippie" January 17, 2005
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