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The process where students empty their brains of all useless crap and propoganda that was "taught" in schools.
The antivirus of the brain.
The students from crap school usa mind dumped the useless crap they had "learned" in school that day, thus letting them play x-box for 5 hours without anything stealing their concentration.

The students mind dumped the dangerous viruses that were put into their heads during school.
by "The Man" November 21, 2003
for all these idiots here, Pearl is the greatest brand of drums ever.
man, that pearl drumset kicks ass.
by "the man" April 30, 2004
A person who has major mood swings, but who's alwayz kewl!
That Tali is hella tight!
by "The Man" October 16, 2003
dont forget Lars Ulrich.
Metalicas drummer
by "the man" April 30, 2004

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