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To freak out.

In extreme cases, you may flip a fuckin biscuit.
Guy #1: Why'd you take me off your myspace? I'm gonna flip a biscuit!

Guy #2: Don't mess yourself, sweety.

Anjay: John said that Cartel and Fall Out Boy are gonna combine to form a super awesome band.

Ty Ty: If that happens I will flip fuckin a biscuit.
by "The Icon" Tyclar October 20, 2007
The best way to own someone.
Andre: You fist like a seal

Tom Riddle: You're not a nice person

Andre: DAMN!
by "The Icon" Tyclar October 20, 2007
To be gay. IE The act of being gay.
Dood! I the hotel lists the pornos you watched, your so dumbledore.

Tyler: I saw you fist that handsome young strapping apple core down the street, you so dumbledore!

Andre: Why?
by "The Icon" Tyclar October 20, 2007

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