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a name refering to the ghettos of Buffalo, NY. specifically: the East Side, the West Side, Riverside, Black Rock, the Old First Ward, South Park, and Seneca
"I'm from the Ruff Buff, East Side"
by "Sniper" November 02, 2007
A Japanese rap group
you hear that song "Hero's Comeback" from Nobodyknows+ ?
by "Sniper" February 16, 2008
A Buffalo, NY born and raised rapper affiliated with Hektik Entertainment in Long Island, NY. Famous for albums such as Mix Tape Vol. 1, Mix Tape Vol. 2, Chronicalz of the Lost King
"May I present to you, one of Buffalo's best rappers, King Jester!!!!"
by "Sniper" November 02, 2007
short for East $ide Royalty, a large rap group from the east side of Buffalo, NY.
"E$R! FUCK RP!!!" -from the song "They Call Him Rockstar"
by "Sniper" February 16, 2008
1.) a name for refering to Buffalo, NY. Buffalo is known for being forgotten, hence the name.

2.) a film produced by Knuckle City Films set in Buffalo, documenting life in the ghetto
"Welcome to the Forgotten City"
by "Sniper" November 02, 2007
refering to Buffalo, NY which is the 2nd biggest city in New York State
"I come straight outta the Queen City"
by "Sniper" February 16, 2008

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