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Intentionally using numbers and formulas to create music. The patterns usually consist of 1's and 2's with accents on the 1's; Using any rhythmic pattern of chug-chugs to create an odd time-signature. Another common practice is to add or subtract a beat from an even time signature.
Don Caballero, Breadwinner, The Oxes, Farauet, and The Kickass are all examples of mathrock bands.
by "Loc Star" November 01, 2005
(in table tennis ): a quick, aggresive, and powerful stroke used to generate a tremendous amount of topspin on the ball. The forehand loop stroke usually starts from behind your right knee if you're right-handed (your left knee if your left-handed) and finishes over your head.
That player has a killer forehand loop!

I served the ball short, but he looped it right back at me!
by "Loc Star" November 01, 2005
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