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One of the most amazing people you will ever meet. She is a lady who never gives up and works very hard. She has a feisty attitude and does not give a damn what people think. She knows that she is awesome just like John Mayer and Jason Mraz but refuses to admit it. Awesome ladies named Abigail have an obsession with cute sausage dogs and refer to them as fur kids. An Abigail likes to help others but do not like to be used. If they care about you then you've definitely entered their heart. They find cartoon portraits cute and funny and will always treasure something that came from the heart. She gives people chances and wants to see the good in them but like anyone else, how long can she do this for? A lady named Abigail might probably know that this was written a day after a certain conversation to show that she maybe was wrong.

A lady named Abigail is modest and no matter what she achieves will always be. When she is asked if she has ever been considered a role-model she will probably say no not knowing she is mine.

What is scary is that hundreds if not thousands of Abigail's will read this, but the main Abigail will recognize herself in this description. She will know that 'radio lady' is the best nickname for an Abigail but she won't know how to react when she reads this. A lady named Abigail knows that people try to give them gifts and this was mine I tried to give to an Abigail.... if only she knew.
The best person to compare an Abigail to is to fictional character, Abigail Williams - she was head strong and knew what she wanted.

A line best known to be said from an Abigail: "Live your life with humility and grace, and you will go far"
by "LittleLady" September 12, 2011

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