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Uppies and Downies is a game played in Workington, Cumbria, England. Basically, grown men chase a small ball through the town from one end to the other, upper town versus lower town. It sometimes gets quite violent.
"Ere marra, how did ya lose ya finger?"
"Uppies and downies pal, uppies and downies."
by "Jonesy" July 13, 2006
A word describing a conversation in which one person isn't paying attention through tiredness.

Verb - To tirente
"I'm gonna go throw myself off a cliff"
"Thats nice, send me a postcard"
"You are in tirention aren't you?"
"Just a bit"
by "Jonesy" February 11, 2006
A matyr is someone who dies in aid of a cause.
Suicide bombers are matyrs for terrorists.
by "Jonesy" February 05, 2006

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