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A complete waste of space and decent oxygen that could be used 2 keep a rapist or a murderer alive. they are quite simply the lowest and most scum-like form of life to ever crawl out of marilyn manson's drugged up arsehole (otherwise known as his mouth). Goths have the confidence of pee wee herman at a PTA meeting. They are known for cutting every essential vein in their body and are 100% of the time in a state of depression. I beg you if you're not one of these god-awful satan lovers then please note that goth hunting season is still going strong. When you smell that ludicrous smell of BO and grunge sweat take out your pistols, take out ur aks and bust a bigger black hole in them than is in their heart. First to hang 10 goth heads from green day's nostril hairs gets a free CD and pie (CD subject to availibility, pies are in constant supply so don't delay)
Smell, depression, black lipstick, white blusher and black eyeliner and black make-up. SICK!

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