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An organization that has socialist roots, not to mention it was originally an anti-war movement in the 1920's. Lately they have been leading the Pro-Choice front(oh look a condom!) and the war against Christmas.

Generally the standard ACLU infantryperson(note political correctness) is equiped with a Membership card, and a big book of law suits which have been filed in the past. The ACLU takes small cases that have been won in small towns(because small organizations and local schools can't fund defense against huge amounts of cash) and projects them onto larger cities and areas, eventually certain thing's are banned on a state wide basis. Not to mention a suitcase filled with cash, please note that many people unsuspectingly donate to the ACLU(including progressive auto insurance coughboycottcough).

The ACLU also uses the media to gain proponents, they are hailed as a good and rightous organization but really deep down they're stripping our liberties away. They may make a few cases that are truly good, but those generally are just a cover up for what really is going on.
Oh snap, ACLU attornies really are socialists!
by "Hey be tolerant!" February 15, 2006

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