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A toilet seat that men are tired of putting back up to urinate - so they piss all over it. The man wants it left up so he can drink copious amounts of beer and run in without fumbling to piss, since the beer causes extreme urgency to relieve himself. To properly prepare the seat as a "Man Chair", he, or with a helper, urinate all over the seat, in the down position, in an uninterrupted stream three (3) times around in either direction. Properly done, there will also be urine all over the walls, toilet paper roll, and floors. Extra points for soaking the fuzzy thing women place on top of toilet, making the damned lid keep falling down.
.."The other night, I got tired of my girlfriends' toilet seat being down, so I turned it into a REAL Man Chair.... That stopped that shit......!!!
by "CharlesCRW" April 29, 2009

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