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Someone who cleans dude's dicks....... with their face. Another way to say "cock sucker".
"Don't be such a dick douche." "That guy Brian is such a dickdouche!"
by "Biff Rinaldi" March 28, 2009
Or gayer than Bri, or John, or Pete, or Shawn, or Bob, any name really. Just as long as you use someone in the room with you. For example lets say you're at a party and you spill your beer. If you shout "Gayer than Scott!", everyone will laugh at Scott instead of you. This tactic works great in crowded areas to take the focus off of you when something doesn't go your way. Try it on your friends next time you're out. It's hilarious.
You sunk my battleship! Gayer than Al!!
by "Biff Rinaldi" April 10, 2009

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