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A backfucker is a player who will stab u in the back even if u r in the same team as long if he will get better from it. U c backfuckers in evey kinda off game also see buttfucker
Backfucker:im all out of ammo!
Teammate:u shouldt had saved some.
Backfucker: Woh look over there!!!
Teamate:huh theres nothing there!
~backfucker stabs teammate to death and takes his ammo~
Backfucker:yay ammo
Teammate:u backfucker!
by !van September 10, 2005
In the game Return to castle wolfenstein or et the garrand m1 can be used by an engineer as an grenade launcher. Ppl call it noobisch bcuz its ez to doge.
eng:hahaha grenade up ur ass!
~medic doge the grenade and shoot the eng through his head~
medic:Headshot noobstick eng!!!
by !van September 10, 2005

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