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A communication website. That's all it is. But yet we have these obsessive people over it, along with the haters. The haters amuse the hell out of me. HAHA! If you have that serious obsession to put down Myspace, then you might as well be one of its corruptors. Cause you're already spending your time talking and complaining about how 'gay' and 'pathetic' it is.
The obsessors- people with no lives or too many friends that you have to communicate by computer with.
MYSPACE is there whether you want it or not.
I have a Myspace and FaceBook. What now?
Girl: OMFG! Did you get on Myspace last night? LMAO!

Whiny Chick: Ew, i fucking hate Myspace. Facebook is soooo much more mature. I mean come on, who wants some whiny little kid asking to 'cmnt my pics!!' ?

Some random Dude: Hey babe, do you have a Myspace? We could totally Cyber. ;)
#haha #funny #myspace #facebook #kayla
by !kaylaahh February 13, 2008
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