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Terds, which hang before falling down to the shallow toilet water beneath. This creates a hollow splashing noise and sends the foul water upward to give your rear a cold splash of your piss filled water.
The man dropping bombs in the stall apparently didn't care I was there to hear him.
by !THOR! June 13, 2006
A phrase that can be used when someone has told you of cake at a gathering. Can be anything, a wedding or birthday, or a party at the office.
guy 1- Are you going to Jeff's birthday dude.

guy 2- Yes, there's talk of cake.
by !THOR! July 11, 2006
A sexual maneuver in which the woman (or man) sits with the legs extended straigt up into the air and the man below, thrusting his penis in and out of the asshole.
Jacob had a great time last night giving his girlfriend a greasy chimney.
by !THOR! June 14, 2006
a brand of paintball markers made for tards who think they're cool and who think they need more than others to be cool
Look at Coty and his new Bob Long, what a douche!
by !THOR! June 13, 2006
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