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Nug: noun, A little piece of bud. Short for nugget when spoken in marijuana context.
Dennis was ripping people off selling bud because he would take some nugs off and sell what was left. Meanwhile, he smoked the nugs.
by !natedog! December 05, 2006
Marijuana isn't a drug dumbfucks!!!
It is 100 percent natural grown herb that has many benefits to society. The only people who call it a drug are the wet-back hating crackers. Its because of them that it is illegal in us till today. That thc bullshit is a cover for the main reason.
Meth is a drug, crack is a drug, cocaine is a drug because its laced with benzine, not pot!
Drugs are bad for you... Smoke pot instead.
by !Natedog! December 04, 2006
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