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To hijack someones methodical attempts to fix something by throwing a series of guesses at the problem, eventually stumbling across the right solution.
While trying to work out why I can't browse the web from one of my PC's, an over-zealous colleague says:

"Have you looked at the proxy setting, I bet it's that! What about your IP address, have you got an IP address? Have you tried upgrading to the latest browser??. It's the proxy setting isn't it!?"

My response: "STFU and stop tryjacking me"
by !Maj February 25, 2010
Like Hard of hearing except that it affects the brain rather than the ears.
"Why is there a set of keys in the fridge?"
"Oh, they're Tim's. He's a little hard of thinking."
by !Maj March 01, 2010
Someone who sits in the cubicle right next to you when there are plenty of other free cubicles.
Man, I just needed a few minutes peace and some idiot decided he wanted a cubicle buddy.
by !Maj December 18, 2013
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