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A fictional character created by H.P Lovecraft a horror writer in 1919. Cthulhu is described as " A thing too horrible to describe." Although it is often though of having an octopus-like head, with bat-like wings, and being the size of a mountain. The very sight of Chthulhu can bring a grown man on his legs, and cry like a baby.
There are nut jobs out there, REALLY OUT THERE that worship it.

I find the concept of Cthulhu, and the cults....a little freaky.
I was bored, and googled Cthulhu, and am now insane YAY!

I found a Cthulhu based board game...<- this is really true.

Cloverfield was mistaken for a Cthulhu movie.
by !INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE¡ January 23, 2009

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