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The act of using / downloading / uploading bit torrents while at work. Work-torrenting aka worrenting to worrent.
What did you accomplish today Scott?

Well I was worrenting all day and got my share ratio up to 140:1 That is until the bandwidth nazi put an end to it.
#bit #torrent #work #worrent #worrenting #bandwidth #nazi
by !BlackDeath! November 15, 2007
An hourly paid employee who performs at the bare minimum drawing the job out longer than needed to collect excessive overtime pay.
Ed is the biggest clock sucker I've ever seen! It's taken him 12 hours to image that PC!
#clock #sucker #ot #overtime #over time #ed #rollins
by !BlackDeath! November 12, 2007
The aroma that you are presented with the moment you enter a restroom.
I ran into the restoom only to be confronted by the most God awful secret smell.
#secret #smell #rest #room #aroma
by !BlackDeath! November 15, 2007
A political correct shortening for "cluster fuckery". Can be used in a positive or derogative manner.

Derogative - to be chaotic, unorganized, without resoltuion

Positive - hanging out, fucking off, getting into trouble
Derogative: This project is full of cluftery and will never get done on time.

Positive: So what kind of cluftery are you up for this weekend?
#cluster #fuck #fuckery #ed #rollins
by !BlackDeath! November 12, 2007
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