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A "new/alternative" metal band from Chicago, with a lead singer, David Draimen, that is easily recognizable (due to the "tusks" that protrude from his lower lip). Some consider them hard rock, others metal. But the fact is Disturbed puts out great music during a time where the rock genre is incredibly shallow (I'm talking to you, scremo bands).

If you haven't heard much of Disturbed, here's a few of their best songs (IMO) by album.

The Sickness:
Down with the Sickness
Violent Fetish


Ten Thousand Fists:
Sons of Plunder
"Man, I went to a Disturbed concert last night. I got beer spilled all over me, but it was fuckin' incredible! They sound the same live as they do in the studio!"
by ! Logan ! January 28, 2008

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