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Awesome 3D stratergy game by EA games. It is set in the 2010's. Two Superpowers, USA and China are playable factions along with GLA (Global Liberation Army). Like with all stratergy games, each faction has its special units and abillities. USA rely on powerful units, strategy and technology to defeat their opponents. China use splash weapons and huge numbers to overwhelm their opponents. the GLA are a Middle Eastern alliance that use stealth, suprise, terrorist tactics and require little resources for construction/military. Each faction also has unique Superweapons. USA has a particle cannon structure firing a beam of energy that the player can train anywhere on the map resulting in instant unit kill and heavy damage to buildings. China uses a nuclear missile that causes heavy damage to buildings and leaves toxic fallout behind. The GLA Scud Launcher rains anthrax filled scud missiles down upon an opponent. Each faction has a campaign to complete and players can simply skirmish. :)
My GLA suicide bombers and terrorist will kill your huge army of tanks in generals
by !!your name here !! August 28, 2006

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