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Great Britain is a collective nation consisting of four smaller countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Britain is the country that began the modern era and gave birth, during its colonial years, to many other ex-colonial countries including Australia, The United States, and Canada. Britain has immense political power for its size, and is also a major military power.
Britain also has great history, great healthcare and also the greatest education system in the world with world famous universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.
One thing that is forgotten by many American wankers is that they are, in effect, British. Great Britain has made one major blunder. Britain allowed America to create itself. The world's largest and best-trained military power was defeated by cowards, aided by Frenchmen. The fighting of two wars at once caused Britain to devote men to murder France, whilst the Americans snuck victories in the colony.
To those Americans who hate us British, you probably hate the French too. You Americans are either descended from honest British men, traitorous British men aided by Frenchmen, or you are yourself descended directly from a Frenchman. So you can stop poncing about calling everyone who doesn't live in your shitty 200 year old country full of non-native a 'fag' in your fucking stupid accents, and just accept that we are at very least your equals.
American: Hey, ur a British douchebag!!!1!!onehundredandeleven!!!1
British bloke: Stop making such an idiot of yourself. Great Britain and America are old allies and we should respect eachother.

by !!!!eleven!!!111!1111 June 12, 2007

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