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n. being too stoned to get off of the couch
see: couchlocky
That ganj had us in couchlock for 4 hours.
by cheryl-renee March 03, 2005
853 104
noun. A figurative place where someone is said to be or will be, if they are getting or expect to be getting hurt or beaten.
With that team, you are entering a rather large hurt locker.

You are all headed for the hurt locker.

Just sit back and relax, you're in my hurt locker now.
by DG April 24, 2003
276 218
Get The Plates is phrase used when implying that someone or something has just been "served". Commonly used in high schools with many variations such as, "Start handing the plates out" and "Get the plates cuz' you just got served"
WOAH, thats guys gonna need a stack! (of plates)
by SerBSPeeD September 11, 2004
108 111
Having the qualities of a playground game of grab-ass, ie, totally chaotic and disorganized.
John's presentation at the meeting was so grabasstic that no one knew what the hell he was getting at.
by Serpent January 07, 2004
121 59
fake expensive watch as in, faux (french for fake)Rolex, faux-lex, folex
check out homeboy's folex
by rick August 29, 2003
249 72
1. an attractive female, so hot that she is the large, front burner on the stove.
Damn, that hotty is a front burner for sure.
by Bud E Love May 05, 2003
75 112
Flatulence forced from one's body in a pompous, self-satisfying manner, without regard to the consideration of others.
Although his friends quickly rolled down the car windows, Shane was so full of himself, he took a big, proud whiff of his smelly ego-fart.
by Josh Dingus December 02, 2004
212 68