Sep 22
The peak of office employee stress levels which ultimately starts with the screaming of vulgar language within the workplace. It can often times lead to assaulting fellow employees, abusing office equipment and/or stealing of company property, abusing sick days and ultimately poor production at work. A possible side effect is that the employee continues to take out his or her rage at their residence in the form of kicking small animals and drinking heavily.
With my pending at work and the amount of people calling me each day I'm on the brink of desk rage and one day I'm going to break and take it out on that weird guy that sits next to me.
by The Russ Buss November 28, 2006
Sep 21
Sanitized replacement for "Fuck" used on "Battlestar Galactica"
"Aw frack and feldercarb!!!"
by Doc Evil July 26, 2003
Sep 20
A term used to describe an electric guitar that is being played without an amplifier, or "unplugged." It's still an electric guitar, but without the distortion and volume that the amp provides it sounds more like an acoustic.
Lenny's neighbors called the cops to complain about his late night guitar solos, so now he has to go elecoustic.
by J. Arnier May 20, 2007
Sep 19
the child of a gay couple. plain and simple.
"Have you had the chance to see Dan & Terry's gaybie? He is absolutely fabulous and cute as a button!"
by RachelLea February 10, 2008
Sep 18
Other People's Money
Man, this cellie bill is killin me, I gotta get some OPM.
by KMKween_4_life March 21, 2005
Sep 17
A demand made on internet forums to post images of a currently discussed topic. A lack of images is tantamount to a lack of proof; hence the consequence is "shens" or shenanigans. See pics or stfu

Roughly translated, it means "show images of said topic or I will consider your claim to be false"
Cantankerously: OMFG Ellen Degeneres was found dead, drowned.

Catmando: Pics or shens.
by BurnDown July 28, 2004
Sep 16
An acronym for "First Lady I'd Rim Job", and a reference to Hilary Clinton. Made famous by the 9/13/2008 opening skit of Saturday Night Live dialog:

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin: "Don't refer to me as a 'MILF.'"

Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton: "And don't refer to me as a 'FLIRJ.' I Googled what it stands for and I do not like it."

by FeralCat September 14, 2008
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