Sep 7
To binge on a song or artist.
The act of repeatedly and obsessively listening to a particular song or artist over a relatively short period of time. Periods of song binging are followed by extended periods of skipping the certain track or artist, leaving them unplayed.
girl: omg, im so bloody obsessed with fall out boy's new song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive played it 84 times in the last 24hrs!!!
guy: stop song binging and go listen to other shit for once.
#song #binge #binging #song binging #artist
by mini_man543 July 26, 2008
Sep 6
The act of attempting to ride a bus by standing in the aisle like a surfer. The goal is to stand for as long as possible without touching anything (seats, poles, people) for support.

Often a competition between two people to see who can stand the longest.
''On the way home last night I was bus surfing for a full 3 minutes!''
#bussurfing #busurfing #bus surf #bus surfer #transport surfer
by magic_8ball December 30, 2007
Sep 5
(adj.) Fucking expensive
A: Oh man, look at the price! 200 bucks for a shirt!
B: Wow, it does look fexpensive.
#very expensive #feasy #unreasonable #costly #priceless
by Jeff h. Johnson February 08, 2007
Sep 4
Loosing your connection to the internet
Johnny was interneutered suddenly by his cable company which left him feeling much like his cat who was neutered a few days ago.
#internet #neuter #interneutered #internewted #cat
by eviltoystealer July 01, 2006
Sep 3
Loves it is just another word for "I love it!"

Made up by Paris and Nicole of the Simple Life.
how's the hat on me?

Loves it.
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005
Sep 2
The abdomen area of a pregnant woman. As the fetus/baby grows so does a woman's belly. Thus it is referred to as a "baby bump."
"Looking at the size of her baby bump she must be due any day."
"Is she getting fatter or is that a baby bump?"
#baby-bump #pregnant #abdomen #belly #pregnancy #fetus
by angel carter March 06, 2006
Sep 1
Encourage a friend to send you a SMS on their cell phone/mobile. The thumb being the key finger used in texting a message.
Mary thumb me the details once I finish this cell phone call.
#sms #phone #message #text #mobile
by el cee June 01, 2007
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